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Frequently Asked Questions

You like us, have probably heard before that "The Simplest Ideas are often The Best", and as simple as the Barnacle Guard System is, it definately has the power to inspire a number of interesting questions...

“Wow! How did you think of that?” is the most asked, among many other curly ones... Below are the answers to the most commonly asked Questions, if you have a question that's not answered here please let us know:

Over time as marine growth accumulates it becomes harder and harder for the rollers, which hold the pontoon to the pylons, to roll up and down the pylon as the tide moves. As a result rollers either wear out too fast, or become stuck and break. In some cases, not just the rollers, but also the brackets that hold them either break… or jam, holding the pontoon either above or below water level. With the amount of pressure on the pontoon and pylons when the tide changes, there’s high chance that your $25,000-$35,000 pontoon may snap, crack, or rip the pylons from the ground… We can save you the heart-ache... Regular maintenance increases the longevity of a pontoon... but who wants to go to that effort when you can install the Barnacle Guard Pylon Protectors and never have to worry

Without an indepth tale of the life of arthropods and bivalve molluscs (barnacles and oysters), The Barnacle Guard Pylon Protectors float on the surface of water, surrounding the pylon. As the water moves, so does the pylon protector, gently scrubbing the pylon 24/7, preventing any marine life, seaweed or sludge from accumulating and permanantly attaching to your pylons.

No Chemicals, No Paints, No Black Magic! Just Environmentally friendliness and a Longer lasting pontoon

Over time Pylon protectors have proven to remove tide marks from pylons, yet it takes quite an effort to remove any solid, sharp marine growth. If your pylons are looking like some of the horror photographs we have in our [image gallery] then you’re in luck… We DO provide a service of [High Pressure Blasting] your pylons to get them smooth again…
The installation team is equipped with a 5000psi water jet blaster which makes light work of all the unwanted stuff.

**Worth Mentioning** There are products designed to be fixed to the docks or pylon brackets which remove barnacles, they not only scrape some of the growth from the pylons, but sometimes cause damage to the pylon itself, or become jammed and get bent out of shape... We know, we've tried them all... The last thing you want is your pontoon jamming

Of course!The Pylon Protectors bob around on the water 24/7, gently scrubbing the pylon. There isn’t enough pressure pushing the Pylon Protector against the pylon to cause any significant stress or premature wearing of the rubber insert. We guarantee it!

The Barnacle Guard Pylon Protectors are specially designed to hinge open and lock together around the pylon at water level, beneath the pontoon brackets. So Fear not! You don’t need a ladder! They don’t go over the top of the pylons and you don’t have to pull your pontoon brackets apart! We've thought of everything!

Before public release in 2007, Barnacle Guard extensively field tested our Pylon Protectors over a 2 year period.
Many materials were trialed, and we made certain of all components durability, ensuring it all stands up to the harsh Australian conditions. We Guarantee it!! Check our Customer List, they can’t all be Wrong!!

What about salt water and sunlight? No Problem! In most cases, the walkway or pontoon itself gives shade to the pylon protector for much of the day. Of course this varies depending on the aspect of your property, yet in any case:

The “Shell” or blue exterior of the pylon protector, AND the rubber insert is UV stabilised and rated for a life span of 5-10 years.

The “Insert” or Inner rubber ring will perform for an average of 2-3 years, after which time can be inexpensively replaced