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The Ultimate Marina Protection System - A simple and affordable, Automated Barnacle Prevention System, that Stops Barnacles & Oysters Damaging Pontoons, Saving You Thousands...!

NEVER Clean Your Marina's Pylons Again!!! 24/7 Protection Guaranteed


Broken or jammed Pontoons, cracked surrounding boards, bent brackets and broken rollers. We've seen the worst of it...

Expensive damage, all thanks to the wear and tear caused by excess barnacle growth. Understandably, you'd be working forever if you tried to stay on top of it. Keeping up with regular maintenance takes staff, along with loads of time and hard work...

Thankfully, We've got You covered...! Barnacle Guard has come up with an Affordable Marina Maintenance Solution, offering Peace of Mind and Freedom to Focus on more important tasks...

We've bundled our High Pressure Barnacle Removal Service and Barnacle Prevention System, to form The Ultimate Marina Protection Package...!

The All-In-One Solution offers You:

-Assembly, Delivery and Start to Finish Installation of the Barnacle Guard Pylon Protection System, fitted to your Marina

-Continual Cover! We don't just make a sale and disappeear, we're available anytime to answer questions and help resolve any problems that pop up...

-We arrange an Onsite Inspection every 6 months, to make sure everything is in ship shape

-Should any of our Pylon Protectors need replacing for any reason, we do so free of charge