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Barnacle Removal - All The Hard Work Done For You, with Our High Pressure Pylon Cleaning Service & Protection Plan

You like Us, have probably noticed how quickly sea-sludge, barnacles and oysters form on your pontoon's Pylons... Within just weeks, the same crusty stuff you don’t want growing on your boat, jet-ski or Pontoon, locks on
and is nearly impossible to control... Until Now!...

As boaties, we spend THOUSANDS on boat-docks, boat-lifts, sea-pens or old school anti-fouling, all to protect our boats, yet so often we forget about our pontoon! which is normally worth 2 or 3 times more than a jet ski, and sometimes even more than the boat that's tied to it! (and not to forget, pontoons are not covered by insurance)

Fouling, or bio-fouling, is probably never thought of when it comes to the maintenance or longevity of a pontoon or floating dock. It’s completely natural, yet fouling is notorious for causing so many problems for sea-goers and their vessels (Click here for Pics) Thankfully...

The Barnacle Guard Team specialises in the Removal, and Prevention of the Barnacles, Oysters and other Crusty Smelly stuff that can Damage and Destroy your Floating Pontoon, Jetty, Wharf or Dock.

Barnacles and Oysters can be pretty hard to remove, especially after a few years of growth. To tip the odd in our favour in the fight against Barnacles, we use a 5000psi water pressure cleaner, which hammers out a litre of water every 2.7 seconds. This may seem extreme but that's what it takes!

For easy access and to minimise disruption, we travel to your location by boat.

Click here, or give us a call to enquire about our High Presure Cleaning Services, or hit the next page to learn how to control barnacles and oysters once and for all!!!...

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